Aluminum Roll Down Security & Hurricane Protection

Both MaestroShield® end retention and non-end retention shutters have approval from, Florida Building Code. With some of the highest design pressure ratings in the industry, a 21-foot width end retention shutter can withstand sustained wind speeds of over 145 mph without a storm bar, while a 10 foot width end retention shutter can withstand wind speeds of over 220 mph without a storm bar.

MaestroShield® offers the first impact-rated hood assembly on the market.

Locking bottom slat available for extra security and design load. Our connector slats attach slats to the motor tube for greater stability and added security.


Engineered to be the very best, MaestroShield End Retention Roll Down Shutters are designed for strength and beauty. Our strength has been rigorously tested/certified, and span industry leading lengths up to 262” and heights of up to 350”.

Our beauty is in the versatility of our system which offers the choice of venting slats in multiple colors, as well as a wide array of motors and electronics that will seamlessly integrate your system providing comfort, convenience, and unparalleled protection against storms and intruders.


MaestroShield offers the only impact-rated hood assembly in today’s market. End Retention and Non-End Retention Systems provide an additional level of protection and security against intrusions, as well as high wind speeds, wind-born debris and ultraviolet solar radiation. Recommended for doors, windows, porches, lanai’s, balconies, portico’s and store fronts with available standard sizes up to 262” wide and 360″ tall.


Our products have been rigorously tested and we’ve held approvals by the Miami Dade Building Code, NAMI, The Florida Building Code and the Texas department of Insurance to name a few.

  • Florida Building Code Approved
  • National Accreditation Management Institute, Inc Approved
  • UL Approved
  • Miami-Dade County Approved
  • Texas Depart. of Insurance Approved


We offer competitive full-replacement and/or pass-through warranties on all of our products.

  • Powder Coating: AAMA 2603 Interpon D1010 (10 year in-land and 1 year coastal*.)
  • Motors: Motors (non lithium battery or DC) 5-year warranty. DC motors 2-year warranty. Lithium battery motors 1-year warranty
  • Electronics: Electronics (excludes solar or LED) 2-yearwarranty. Solar & LED 1-year warranty.

*Coastal is considered within 1 mile from shoreline


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