What Are Roll Down Shutters?

Roll Down Shutters are a highly efficient and versatile solution designed to enhance the security, protection, and energy efficiency of your home or business. Crafted from durable materials, these shutters provide robust defense against extreme weather conditions, intruders, and unwanted noise. Their motorized and remote-operated features offer the ultimate convenience, allowing you to effortlessly control your shutters with the touch of a button. Roll-down shutters are the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and hassle-free method of safeguarding their property year-round.

Tan Roll Down Shutters on a storage unit

Overview of MaestroShield Roll Down Shutters

Roll Down Shutters consist of interlocked slats bolted to a motor tube, which is protected by a heavy-duty hood cover. Our Roll Down Shutters can span widths up to 262 inches and heights up to 186 inches. These shutter systems are constructed from aluminum and feature a double-wall or single-wall slat design, ensuring they can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions and deter the most determined intruders. The shutter systems are operated by remote control, and options for keychain and wall-mounted remotes are also available.

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Our Shutter System’s Quality

Our products have undergone rigorous testing and have received approvals from various authoritative bodies, including the Miami-Dade Building Code, NAMI, the Florida Building Code, and the Texas Department of Insurance, to name a few.

  • Florida Building Code Approved
  • NAMI Approved
  • Miami-Dade County Approved
  • Texas Department of Insurance Approved

Are These Roll Down Shutters Customizable to Match My Home’s Aesthetic?

We offer a variety of colors, including White, Beige, Ivory, and Bronze paired with a timeless square hood and sleek track system to match any home aesthetic!

Roll Down Shutters at apartment complex

What Kind of Motors Does MaestroShield Use?

Our Shutter Systems utilize our proprietary motors, and with over a decade of experience in the field, our MS motors have proven their durability. Depending on the application, we offer models with either external or internal receivers. Additional features include rebound motors, designed to prevent closure if an object obstructs the shutter’s path. We also provide bidirectional motors that communicate through an app to indicate whether your shutter is closed or not.

How Are Roll Down Shutters Installed?

Roll Down Shutters are installed on the surface of the opening. The track and hood are securely fastened to the surface using the appropriate hardware. To remove our Shutter System, you’ll need to roll up the slats, requiring remote access. This prevents intruders from simply unbolting the system from the opening’s surface. In most cities, the installation of permanent hurricane shutters necessitates a permit, which can be facilitated by your installer. Fortunately, our product has received approval from the most stringent counties, such as Dade, so obtaining a permit should be a straightforward process.

White Roll Down Shutters on grey apartment window

Why To Choose Roll Down Shutters Over Traditional

Roll Down Shutters can be kept up year-round without anyone noticing they’re there. Have peace of mind, knowing that you no longer have to retrieve storm panels from the shed when the season arrives. Instead, simply press a button on your remote, and you’re all set! Roll Down Shutters also double as home security. Whether you’re home alone or heading out of town, bring your shutters down. Our Roll Down Shutters are crafted from sturdy aluminum and are designed to withstand impacts without giving way when pried upon.