MaestroShield Marketing Material

We offer multiple forms of marketing materials to help you sell your services! Products such as our Fabric Kits or Hard Cases help your salespeople showcase our products and leave a lasting impression with potential customers!

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need with our Hard Case

Our Hard Case has everything your sales staff needs! From fabric samples and remotes to extrusion pieces and zipper and keder examples, our MaestroShield Hard Cases ensure your sales reps are fully equipped. Send them out with confidence knowing they have everything they need.

Travel Light with our Fabric and Exterior Screen Kits

If you’re not ready to commit to a Hard Case, we provide Fabric and Exterior Screen/Shutter Kits. Our Fabric Kit contains a variety of fabric samples from our retractable screens, allowing customers to touch and feel before purchasing. The Exterior Screen/Shutter Kits include extrusion samples such as hood pieces, bottom bars, end caps, and adjustable track pieces. The Screen Kit and Shutter Kit also offer zipper and keder samples or shutter slats in each color option. Travel light with our Fabric and Exterior Screen/Shutter Kits!

Leave a Lasting Impression with our Brochures and Trifolds

Looking to leave a lasting impression with your customers? Our informative and visually appealing Brochure and Trifold lines are the perfect choice. Whether you’re on the road or in the showroom, MaestroShield’s Brochures and Trifolds will ensure that you and your salespeople leave a lasting impression.

Liven Up Your Tradeshow Booth with a Demo Unit or Retractable Banner

Our Demo units of Retractable Screens, Shutters, and Interior Shades are fully functional and stand independently. The MaestroShield Retractable Banner is a true standout with its impressive height of 6.75 feet (81 inches). Make an impact at your next tradeshow with our Demo units and Retractable Banner.

Contact Your Sales Representative or Order on TOM

Contact your sales representative or order on TOM from our marketing material order form to start improving your sales now!