Overview of MaestroShield Interior Shades

MaestroShield Interior Shades are user-friendly and come in a variety of designs to complement your home’s décor. These shades are remote-operated and can be controlled with the touch of a button. They offer exceptional battery life, with over 500 uses on a single charge. When users have our Wi-Fi hub connected, remote operation can be customized to schedule shade opening and closing based on the time of day. Additionally, our range of fabrics and fascia designs is extensive, providing nearly limitless options for customization.

White Interior Shade

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How Are The Interior Shades Controlled?

Our interior shades have options of an AC motor that can be wired directly into the home’s power supply. Alternatively, the DC motor has an integrated lithium battery, which lasts around 500 up and down cycles per charge and does not require direct wiring. A Solar Panel option is also available for the DC motor, so you won’t have to worry about remembering to plug in your shades every so often. We also offer a manual Clutch and Chain option, which is operated by pulling either side of the chain to raise or lower the shade.

Transparent Interior Shade in living room

How Customizable Are MaestroShield Interior Shades?

MaestroShield Interior Shades offer a high level of customization, from fabrics and fascia down to the remote control. We recommend the E-Screen and Avila fabric lines, which provide a choice of over 20 colors. If you have specific color or fabric preferences, custom options are available upon request. The fascia of the shade can be powder-coated in a color of your choice or wrapped in the fabric used for the shade itself. You can also opt for no fascia, exposing the fabric roll. Two fascia shapes, round and square, are available. For the bottom bar design, you can choose from a Sealed Hem Pocket, Wrap Around Bottom Bar, and Tear Drop Bottom Bar. Our interior shades come with options for a screen or screenless remote, as well as a keychain remote. If you have multiple shades, MaestroShield Wifi Hubs can control them and be programmed via your mobile device. The Wifi Hub allows users to set specific times for the interior shades to raise or lower.

  • 20+ Fabric Colors
  • Fascia or No-Fascia Options
  • Sealed Hem, Wrap Around, or Tear Drop Bottom Bar
  • 3 Remote Types
  • Wifi Hub Automation

How Are Interior Shades Installed?

Interior Shades can be installed on the face of a surface or below it. A bracket on each side of the fascia is used to secure the Interior Shade system in place using the appropriate hardware.

Bedroom with grey interior shade