Interior Shades

Enhance your home or business with MaestroShield’s Interior Shading. Our shading not only compliments your ambience and visual appeal, but also provides functionality and energy savings. Our interior shades are operated with the push of a button via one of our handheld remotes, or your mobile phone! For added flexibility, we also offer manually operated clutch and chain systems.

Interior Shades in Lobby
Modern home with Interior Shades
Interior Shades in apartment

Interior Shade Options

Make your interior shade fit your style by having the freedom to pick and choose from our wide array of options, such as fabric type, color, opacity, fascia design, and bottom bar to ensure the perfect look that you’re aiming for!

Control Types

Our interior shades have options of an AC motor that can be wired directly into the home’s power supply. Alternatively, the DC motor has an integrated lithium battery, which lasts around 500 up and down cycles per charge and does not require direct wiring. A Solar Panel option is also available for the DC motor, so you won’t have to worry about remembering to plug in your shades every so often. We also offer a manual Clutch and Chain option, which is operated by pulling either side of the chain to raise or lower the shade.


Our interior shades are not just for home interiors, but they are also perfect for a wide range of other settings like boats, decks, caravans, motorhomes, salons, restaurants, offices, and other commercial and leisure spaces. Whether you’re looking for a practical solution or something a little more decorative, our interior shades can bring the perfect finishing touch to any space, providing the ideal combination of style, light control, and temperature regulation. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your interior, then our interior shades have you covered!