Pull down the blinds, flip the sign to “Closed,” hunker down and ride out the storm… Hardly an advisable business strategy. But the majority of businesses owners are still taking that very approach, cutting their budgets in marketing, research and development, payroll, and anywhere else they can save.

Businesses that have experienced the greatest level of success in a down economy reinvent themselves, turning these tough times into opportunity. By examining new societal trends brought on by our current economy, we can realize new approaches to stimulate our own economy:

New construction has slowed. If you’re in the window or awning business, you’re already equipped with what you need to install shutters. Hurricane shutters and/or security barriers is a growing industry and a great opportunity for you as an add on sale item or to attract a new clientele.

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Due to rising prices of gasoline, eating out and traveling, people are staying home more and more. Awning companies already recognize the value of extending the use of outdoor spaces. Exterior screening takes that to the next level.

Saving money… not a hard sell to your customers. Exterior screening can significantly reduce electric bills by blocking UV rays before they reach the glass. Interior shading further cuts room heating. Now imagine having both exterior screen and interior shading automated so that it lowers in the morning after you leave for work and raises in the evening right before you return. WOW!

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