Programming My MaestroShield MSD Remote

Curious about how to program your remote for your screen or shutter? Look no further – this is your one-stop destination for all programming guides related to the MSD remote!

If you’re uncertain about whether you have the MS, MSD, or MSBD remote, feel free to consult your sales representative or locate the part number on the back of your remote. For our MSD remote line, the part numbers are as follows: EL03-HH04, EL03-HH15, and EL03-KEYCH.

Once you’ve identified the type of remote you possess, simply refer to the steps provided below to successfully program your remote.

How to Pair Remote to Motor

To pair the remote with the motor, begin by unplugging your motor. Then, select your preferred channel on the remote. Supply power to the motor and wait for the motor to beep. Locate the P2 button on the remote and press it; P2 will be on the back of the remote and will need to be pressed using a paperclip. The motor will beep once. Press P2 again and wait for another beep. Now determine which side the motor itself is on (which side does the wiring start). If on the left, press UP. if on the right, press DOWN. The motor will beep once more, signaling the remote has been paired to the motor.

My Motor is Stuck in STEP MODE!

If your motor is not automatically going down or up on its own and requires you to keep pressing the up or down button to move, the remote is most likely stuck in STEP MODE. To get the motor out of STEP MODE, navigate to the correct channel and press P2 on the back of the remote. The motor will beep once. Press UP on the remote and wait to hear another beep. Press P2 once more and the motor will beep three times. The motor is now out of STEP MODE.

Adding Remotes

If you would like to add an additional remote to a motor, start by pressing P2 on the existing remote. The motor should beep once. Press P2 again and wait to hear the motor beep once again. Press P2 on the new remote you would like to add. The motor will beep three times, indicating that the new remote has been added to the motor.

Deleting All Remotes

Say you would like to delete all remotes connected to a certain motor, first start by pressing P2 on one of the remotes and wait for the motor to beep. Press STOP (center button), the motor will beep again. Press P2 on the remote and wait for three beeps from the motor. All remotes have now successfully been deleted from the motor.

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