Do Bug Screens Still Shade Me From The Sun?

Need to be sheltered from those pesky bugs but want UV protection too? Are you not sure whether to opt for a bug screen or a Solar Screen? Luckily for you our bug screens do provide some protection against UV. Our Tuff Screens and No-See-Um Screens provide 40% UV protection!

What’s The Difference Between The Tuff Screen and The No-See-Um Screen?

Tuff Screen protects from bugs but the material is stronger and not as closely woven as the No-See-Um Screen. Tuff Screen is strong and doesn’t tear easily, so if your application requires a sturdy material Tuff Screen is for you.

No-See-Um Screen is made from a tightly woven fiberglass material that keeps any and all bugs out – no matter the size. No-See-Um Screens aren’t as strong as the Tuff Screen, but still hold up as they are coated with a protective vinyl layer to ensure durability.

What Does UV Protection Mean?

UV protection means how much shade a screen provides. For example, our bug screens provide 40% UV protection for its user. What does the percentage mean in the UV protection? The percentage represents the opacity of the screen. If a screen provided 100% UV protection the screen would be solid and not transparent at all. 40% UV protection would mean that the screen is more transparent than not, and the higher the number the more solid the screen would appear.

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