We can help keep them out!

Recently, a home was built in Poland with retractable concrete walls and shutters that seals up into a big concrete cube at night, with the only accessible entry point protected by a drawbridge (really!). The owner of this home is obviously concerned with protection from intruders, weather, zombies, an apocalypse (who knows). But the message is clear, we want to feel safe in our own homes.

Winds: MaestroShield roll down aluminum shutters can be deployed quickly (multiple shutters can be programmed together and often lowered in less than 30 seconds) to provide a home or business with superior protection from strong winds and flying debris when the siren sounds.

Intruders: With an electronic monitoring system, the intruder is already inside before the alarm trips. Security barriers provide the needed deterrent to keep them from ever trying to enter in the first place.

Bugs: Retractible screening is an affordable way to extend the use of all outside spaces, patios and decks, garages, and more. They provide the added benefit of blocking UV rays before the reach the windows, significantly reducing energy bills (another unwanted “nasty”).