A recent article from Marine Fabricator Magazine entitled “Up your profits during your downtime” recounted the success stories of some fabricators through diversification. One of the companies featured that since his marine clientele were also homeowners, he could extend his busy season (summer boating) by adding an exterior screen division, which peaked earlier in the year and kept him busy well into the fall.

Maestroshield wants to help you make that success story yours. By becoming a MaestroShield fabricator, you open up a whole new product line to market to your existing clientele while attracting a new customer base.

Here’s how:

MaestroShield’s roll down exterior screening is engineered for superior functionality & beauty which makes sense since it is the most sought after roll-down screen on the market!

There’s a good chance you are already equipped to fabricate MaestroShield’s exterior screening!

As a MaestroShield fabricator, you can market Maestroshield’s products directly to consumers or partner with MaestroShield dealers in your area… our network of dealers is over 600 strong and growing!

If you are a progressive minded business owner or manager who takes a proactive approach to creating more business, call us today and learn more about our fabrication opportunities.