The construction industry has a predicted growth rate of around 4.5% annually for the next five years. The growth is great news, but as an industry continues to grow so does the competition. Right now, majority of construction companies acquire jobs through word of mouth, which is a great marketing tool but shouldn’t be the only weapon in your arsenal. If you own/work for a construction company this email is for you. Below is a couple of tips and tricks for marketing you and your business to help standout from the competition.

Digital Marketing

Use digital media to your advantage, majority of it is relatively cheap and gets a lot more eyes than a posting in the newspaper.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s start with the free stuff, social media marketing. For construction companies, an emphasis should be put on Facebook. Creating a Facebook business page is a straight forward process and can be started here. Facebook gives you the opportunity to share pictures of recent jobs you’ve completed and connect with real people in your area. Joining groups on Facebook that relate to your business helps narrow down your target market as well. As for Instagram, it is a great service to use as a gallery for all of your projects and raise awareness on the services your company offers. A quick tip for Instagram is to use hashtags to your advantage! Here’s an article that further discusses the importance of hashtags. There are other social media apps you can use but Instagram and Facebook are the most common for social media marketing.

Website and Google Business

Nowadays, it is almost required to have a website for your business. A website allows potential clients to find out more about your business and the services you provide. People love to learn about the origins of businesses and how they came to be, so don’t forget an “about us” page! If you are tech savvy here’s a great video on how to make a website. If you’d rather hire someone to do it you can visit websites like Fiverr to find web developers. I recommend researching some common digital marketing terminology like SEO, CRM, SEM, etc. before speaking with a web developer. Speaking of SEO, adding your construction business to Google is another step in the right direction to standing out from your competition. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t use Google to find a new service or business, here’s a step-by-step process on how to add your business to Google and Google Maps. Another service to consider is review websites like Yelp but be very weary of their paid plans and try to avoid them if you can.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional media has been labeled as expensive and ineffective; this couldn’t be further from the truth! Traditional media like business cards, product samples, brochures, etc. are great tools for marketing your construction business. Unlike digital marketing, you’re able to leave a tangible piece of marketing material with your potential clients. When done right, traditional media can yield a longer lasting impression on customers than digital media.

Business Cards, Tradeshows, Other Advertising Methods

Working on a project in a busy neighborhood? Distribute your business card to nearby homes! The homeowner can even use the current house you’re working on as reference to your work quality. Who knows, something as simple as tucking your business card in a door jam could generate leads. Someone who should definitely have your business card is real estate agents. Real estate agents are always asked for recommendations on businesses who remodel, repair, etc. Don’t have a business card? Here’s a website that allows you to create your very own business card. There are also great returns from advertising on your work trucks. If you’re driving to job sites all day you might as well advertise your business while doing so. There are plenty of websites that can send you some stickers to put on your work vehicles but check with your local sign/printing stores first. Lastly, tradeshows are great for meeting potential clients and others in the industry. DO NOT forget to have plenty of samples of the products you will be installing on customer’s homes or pamphlets that show your work/product information. As a manufacturer, MaestroShield offers several types of samples like our Marketing Hard Box, brochures on all products, retractable banners, etc. It is important to not only market your work, but the products you install on people’s homes!