What are Accordion Shutters?

Accordion shutters are a versatile and space-saving solution for protecting your property. They fold neatly to the side when not in use and can be quickly deployed to guard against hurricanes, storms, and intruders. These shutters combine practicality and security, making them a smart choice for enhancing your property’s defense.

Tan Accordion Shutters on Peach Colored House

Overview of MaestroShield Accordion Shutters

MaestroShield offers three distinct types of Accordion Shutters: The Streamline, the 6.8, and the High-Rise. Each variant is tailored to meet specific requirements, offering a choice of features such as price point or strength. Additionally, all Accordion Shutters are available in four color options: white, ivory, beige, and bronze. What sets MaestroShield’s Accordion Shutters apart from the competition is their exceptionally tight stack design and user-friendly maintenance features.

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Accordion Shutter Models

The Eyewall Armor 6.8

The Eyewall Armor 6.8 Accordion sets the benchmark for accordion shutter design. Previous designs proved inefficient with limited lifespans, requiring replacement in as little as 4 years. Our accordions stand out with the offset screw boss and superior coatings, ensuring unparalleled durability and longevity in the market. The 6.8 model, categorized as “Mid-Rise,” specifically caters to the elevated wind loads prevalent in taller residential and commercial structures. Choose the Eyewall Armor 6.8 Accordion for unrivaled performance and protection that exceeds industry standards.

The Eyewall Armor Streamline

The Eyewall Armor Streamline presents an affordable residential accordion system option. Despite its lighter weight and cost-effectiveness, the SL Accordion retains all the remarkable features and benefits of our 6.8 System. It successfully meets the identical testing and code requirements, carrying the same approvals and evaluations as the 6.8 System. The SL Accordion has been skillfully optimized for strength and cost efficiency, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the residential market. Choose the Eyewall Armor Streamline for a high-value solution without compromising on performance.

How Are Accordion Shutters Installed?

Accordion Shutters can be either surface-mounted or surface/floor-mounted. Surface-mounted Accordion Shutters are primarily designed for window openings and are installed using the flaps on the top and bottom parts of the frame, using the appropriate hardware, with the hardware type depending on the surface material. Surface/floor-mounted Accordion systems are mounted to the surface from the top and to the floor from the bottom. This type of Accordion Shutter is commonly used for openings such as sliding glass doors or entryways.